This Friday (Mar. 18) will see the release of Yombe's (aka singer Cyen and producer Alfredo) new self-titled EP. Filled with the kind of cacophonous percussion, grandiose electronics and silky vocals that propelled The Knife to fame, Yombe's new EP continues that Scandinavian line of thinking, but draws it into more contemporary grounds. Tracks like "Vulkaan" and EP opener "Later On" further combine these elements with a more sparse arrangement style.

Elsewhere, tracks like "Drama" and "SDIMS" add an almost R&B edge to the release, backed up by a quirky, minimalist beat. "SDIMS" and "Phemba" even take that R&B influence a step further with a much richer production behind it, with the latter doubling down with some soulful vocals and a vast, ethereal beat. Hear the whole thing exclusively below.