Iggy Azalea addressed several controversial topics on her recent appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live. Since it was her first time on the show, the rapper played the show's initiation game of "Plead the Fifth" where host Andy Cohen asked Iggy about her rumored beef with Nicki Minaj. If you remember, back in 2014, Nicki made an acceptance speech at the BET awards that many speculated as throwing shots at Iggy about not writing her own raps. When pressed on the topic, Iggy responded, "I have just as many people on my writing credits as she has on her. I know I write mine, and if she writes hers, I believe her too. But you can't look at the credits and be like, 'Oh look at this massive difference!' It's the same number of people on both." Andy also asked Iggy who she would rather collaborate with out of Eminem, Azealia Banks, or Snoop Dogg. Iggy has famously had beef with all three artists, but said she would definitely choose Snoop because they've made up since their feud and were actually friends before it ever happened.


The conversation also shifted to Macklemore's name-drop of Iggy on "White Privilege II." "I read his interview and he was like, 'I should have called.' You should have and you still didn't, so what's up with that?" She added that she didn't think the lyrics were an insult, but would have liked to have known about it before the track was released so that she wouldn't have been so blindsided.