ChellaH recently released No Filter, a project that chronicles her struggles of coming up in Chicago and how she was able to maneuver through it. No track on No Filter better represents this concept than "From Nothing," where ChellaH delivers a convincing performance over Honorable C Note's bangin' backdrop.

Today, we receive the visuals for this inspiring record, and it features a young ChellaH making moves in the streets. "I wanted to start putting out more music telling my story," ChellaH told us over email. "People think it's all about glam but coming from the struggle I come from it ain't easy, matter fact I'm still struggling and grinding to get to the top, which is why you see me communicating to you myself now, no fancy labels and managers, it's real in the field.

She continued, "I want everybody that come from the streets like I did to know they they too can rise above the water as long as you hustle and put yourself in position!" Check out the IshotDat-directed video for "From Nothing" above and stream ChellaH's No Filter below.