It looks like Brandy isn't too pleased with her record label. According to a story from the Associated Press, the R&B singer has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Chameleon Entertainment Group, alleging that the company has kept her from recording or releasing new music since the release of her last album Two Eleven way back in 2012. Although the original contract gave the label the option to release four more albums with her, Brandy claims they're refused to let her record a new album in an attempt to force her to sign a new contract with the company. According to the report, Brandy has since dissolved her contract with Chameleon, but is seeking a judgment that it is void.

Brandy was signed to Atlantic Records for most of her career, but signed a joint contract with Chameleon and RCA in 2011 after leaving Atlantic and getting dropped from a brief stint at Epic. She released the song "Beggin & Pleadin" back in January, but aside from that has been mostly absent from the music scene for the last four years.

Complex has reached out to Chameleon Entertainment Group for comment.