It looks like Burger King has enlisted the help of Snoop Dogg as the company's training ambassador to introduce staff to its new grilled dogs menu item. In the video obtained by TMZ, Snoop gets poetic about the "hot dogs grilled to perfection" and the way they are "so fresh and so clean, so fresh and so green." He goes on to break down the possible toppings—ketchup, mustard, and relish, of course. Snoop closes out the video by crowning the item as "the Whopper of hot dogs." The video plays out more like an entertaining intro instead of a "how to," but the addition of Snoop is sure to get the employees fired up. And hopefully not fired. We imagine somewhere Chris Brown, owner of 14 BKs, is into the collaboration.

Burger King would be wise to bring Snoop Dogg on full-time as its brand ambassador, just like the creators behind Planet Earth would make a difference in the world by allowing the legendary Long Beach rapper to narrate an entire season. 60,000 strong have already signed the petition to make this happen, and so should you. Do it. Do it.