If you haven't discovered Plies' amazing Instagram feed yet, please check it out immediately. With few exceptions like his beef with Young Thug originating on the 'gram, he's become known for using the social platform for filming his own hilarious and entertaining videos. These 15-second gems include his emotional cover of Adele's "Hello," his inspirational outlook for 2016, and now, his specific guidelines for Valentine's Day gift-giving.

In his opening video of the three-part series captioned, "Let's Get Dis Understood," he lets his lovers know what's up. If you and Plies have gone at it between the sheets more than twice in the last year, he's expecting a present this holiday.

Are you strapped for cash and now in need of a last-minute gift for your bae? Don't worry, there's levels to this. There's a price cap for certain stages of your relationship, and Plies details the exact criteria to keep in mind while shopping. Good thing he cleared this up for us.

You will literally LOL at his break down over the three Instagram videos below: