Last night, Democratic presidential candidates Hillary ClintonBernie Sanders,and Martin O’ Malley gathered for their fourth debate in Charleston, S.C., and their final clash before 2016 voting begins in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Complex News’ Nadeska Alexis was on location to give us the inside scoop on the debate. After it was over, she got the opportunity to speak with Killer Mike. The Atlanta rapper has publicly endorsed Sanders through various interviews of his own, and he talked about how one of the two leading candidates in this presidential race has the same values as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“[We] deserve a president [who's] in line and in principle with the greatest black person and the greatest American you've ever learned about, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,” he said. “Poor people’s campaign. Worker’s rights. Health care is a right, education is a right…You now have the opportunity in your lifetime to elect a president reflective of those values.”

The rapper has continued to show his support on MLK Day, tweeting to his followers why they should vote for Sanders.

Killer Mike also talked about why he believes Sanders has connected so much with younger voters and how he and the senator became friends. Watch it above.