Kanye West was back on Twitter late last night, and this time he addressed Amber Rose's statement about their past sexual history from when they were a couple. "Exes can be mad but just know I never let them play with my ass," Kanye wrote. "I don't do that, I stay away from that area altogether." The situation seems to get stranger and stranger as the days go on, and it will be interesting to see how 'Ye responds if he catches wind of the video of Wiz Khalifa screaming "Fuck Kanye" on stage in Argentina.

Maybe he already has and he just wanted to focus on Amber's comments and move on from it. "I'm not into that kinda shit... I like pictures and videos,"he wrote in another tweet. "Me and my wife got the kinda love that can turn exes into best friends." Compared to his initial Twitter rant at Wiz, this was pretty mild. Kanye also said he will "never speak on kids again," which is a reference to the rapper bringing Wiz and Amber's son, Sebastian, into the mix. His new album, WAVES, drops on Feb. 11.