Big Sean says 2015 was the best year of his life, and we believe it. This year, “I.D.F.W.U.” went double platinum. Dark Sky Paradise—his third studio album—was highly regarded by critics as a better album in atmosphere and lyricism than his previous effort Hall of Fame. And of course, we can’t forget the visuals from Dark Sky Paradise“Play No Games” and the whole inspiration from Martin is still very dope.

Sean continues in his note, “We counted a lot more wins than losses…and to me, that’s worth more than damn near anything.” The kicker, though: “BTW, you took the wrong hard drive.” He’s referring to burglars who stole jewelry and unpublished music from his home in the Valley. It’s the reason why we’re getting this new song “What A Year,” featuring Pharrell and Detail. What brings you down will only make you stronger.

Stream it below.