UPDATE 11/11/15: A whole day later, Metro Boomin just responded directly to Thug on Twitter, and said that they can meet up. "So u can pull up whenever kuz u know I ain't no hoe," Metro wrote in the tweet. This situation doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. 

UPDATE: Even though Thug said he wasn't being negative about Future, it looks like Future may have taken Thug's comments a type of way. Thug has since responded to Future, and it now looks like this situation isn't going away anytime soon. Metro Boomin piled on with his own response, claiming he wasn't "subtweeting" Young Thug to begin with.

You gotta be crazy if you think I subtweeted Thug. That's corny. People are allowed to believe what they want though. True or not.

— Metro Boomin (@MetroBoomin) November 11, 2015

Yesterday, Metro Boomin tweeted out some comments on the mixtape game in rap, and why he didn't think artists should drop as many projects as Future has. Though it didn't seem like Metro was talking about any one artist in particular, Young Thug responded to Metro's comments this morning on Twitter. Thug asked who Metro was referring to with the tweets and then told him to put names on that shit.

Thug then turned his attention to Future, and implied that his own music is like Michael Jackson's while Future's is like Tito Jackson. Metro has yet to respond to Thug, but the two have a long working relationship together and it would be a shame if this put an end to it. If nothing else, this also probably means that Metro Thuggin might never come out. We'll continue to monitor this situation as it develops. 

I think if you guys were to stop drinking so much cheap liquor and high-tech syrup you would be able to think before speaking and typing😊

— Young Thug ひ (@youngthug) November 10, 2015

I have nun in the world against future I listen to his music His music makes me happy and I hope he continues to bless me and others with it

— Young Thug ひ (@youngthug) November 10, 2015