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Atlanta native Que is currently putting the final touches on his upcoming project, I am Que, and today, he debuts his new single, "Withdrawals." The 30roc of Ear Drummers-produced single is basically Que's ode to his favorite strip clubs, as he mentions that he casually drops racks every time he's in an establishment. "I probably spend $1500 a week in strip clubs just because that's what I like. I love women. That's why I inherited the name, Da Dawg," Que said to Complex.

Que is looking to reinvent himself with this new project, as he's bringing listeners into his life. "I'm opening up more and telling more about myself as opposed to just making dope songs. Each song is inspired by my life, which is why the project is named I am Que. Accept me for who I am or don't," he said. I am Que is due to drop on Nov. 20, while he's also prepping a new project with Sonny Digital for next year. Stream "Withdrawals" in full below.