You might've heard that there's a Disney compilation album coming out featuring covers from Ariana Grande, Jessie Ware and more due out later this month. We already premiered Jhené Aiko's take on Alice In Wonderland classics but today we have Jason Derulo's contribution to the album. What did he decide to cover? The Lion King of course. But because it's impossible to choose just one song from the iconic movie, Jason combined the movie's opening track "Nants' Ingonyama" with the epic love song "Can You Feel The Love Tonight." With his smooth vocals and gentle respect for the original, Jason kills it.

"I felt like it was the song that touched me the most out of all Disney movies, out of all Disney songs that I've experienced," Jason explained. "When that song plays within the Lion King, it just makes you feel something. It brings you to tears. Even watching that movie as a grown-up, I mean I feel like that song just brings something out of you. At any age. You know, you can go to see the Lion King on Broadway, and that song just makes you feel something instantly."

Listen below and be prepared for the whole album to drop Oct. 30 or pre-order it now.