Remember Mob Style? The Harlem-bred, DIY group consisting of MCs Azie “AZ” Faison, Pretty Tone Capone, Gangsta Lou and Whip Wop were pioneers of the independent model at a time when pursuing a major label deal was the thing to do. Unkut recently sat down with Pretty Tone Capone of Mob Style, where they talked about his history within the Harlem music scene, the rappers he respects (and hates) and more. He specifically makes a comment about Future and says that “real street shit” is needed in the rap game right now. Read some of his responses from the interview and head over to Unkut for the whole thing.

Why are you so disappointed in Harlem these days?

I travel on a different plane out here on the streets. I don’t really know what they doin’ amongst the average motherfuckers ‘cos I don’t be around average motherfuckers. I’m a trendsetter, so when I drop some fly shit it sprinkles in and hits the average motherfucker around the world – not just New York – and it wake ’em up. So I’m really just putting in an appearance for my people and dropping some flavor for these street niggas to really bounce to. Future shit is alright, but I don’t understand none of that shit he sayin’! It’s time to drop some real street shit.

Are you planning on releasing new music?

Yeah. I’m the best who ever did it! I’m about to release some new shit in a minute, ‘cos I’m kinda upset at the state of the game now. A lotta fa**otry goin’ on. I don’t want my sons growing up listening to this, there’s no real man music. No one condones guns, violence and drugs, but hey! This is what some people have to do in order to live! Everything don’t have to be targeted towards one thing. If you’re versatile and you’re nice, you’re gonna drop and be hot regardless. Everybody’s got a gimmick, so I’m not really impressed with the state of the game. I’m comin’ to kidnap it!

This is for the documentary/EP. I’m about to smash ’em with three classic Mob Style joints – ‘Gangster Shit,’ ‘I Play Rough’ and like five or six new joints. I’m about to smash these clown back to normal and show ’em let ’em know how real men do out here. There’s a lotta frontin’ out here, a lotta acting. You don’t wanna lead the kids down the wrong path, you wanna hear from someone who’s been on that path. These guys are sweeter than tea!