UPDATE: According to TMZ, Chris Brown scored a major victory in court today, and has been awarded joint custody of his daughter Royalty. No word on the ruling for the child support payments going forward, however. 

Chris Brown and his daughter's mother, Nia Guzman, are heading into court today, and one of Brown's major objectives during the custody talks is to try and stop Guzman from bad mouthing his parenting skills in public. According to TMZ, Brown and his lawyers have filed an injunction to put an official gag order on Guzman, which would prohibit her from talking about how bad of a father Brown is to the media, in public, and especially on social media. 

Neither Guzman nor Brown have been quiet in the public about each other's lacking parenting skills, and most recently they both bashed one another in Instagram posts about the safety of their daughter Royalty. Aside from the gag order, the two are also trying to hammer out the custody details in court, with Brown seeking 50/50 custody time, while Guzman is looking to receive child support payments of $15K a month. She currently receives child support payments of $2,500 a month from Brown. It doesn't sound like either side will back down easily on this one, so stay tuned. 

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