In an interview with GQ published today, The Weeknd talked about his growing comfort with fame and the odd perks of life as a celebrity. For instance, he recently had the opportunity to brainstorm a song concept in Marilyn Monroe's old master bedroom, which (according to The Weeknd) is haunted by Joe DiMaggio's sperm.

He also talked about the recent Much Music Awards, which singer Ed Sheeran co-hosted two months ago in Toronto. After the evening ceremony, The Weeknd invited Sheeran and several other attendees back to his condo for an afterparty that raged until 5 a.m. The two wrote a song together, too. "Ed also did a freestyle battle with Waka Flocka in my kitchen," The Weeknd told GQ.

The Weeknd didn't specify who won the freestyle battle, however. We will investigate the matter and update this post with any discoveries or definitive statements from the parties involved.

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