Today, LA-based duo Speak and Caleb Stone announce their return with Sex Quest 3, which is slated to drop on Sept. 11. Along with the premiere of the promo video for 1-900-Sex Quest. "Shot under the soft lights of Youtube's Playa Del Rey movie studio, 1-900-SEX-QUEST is an erotic late night infomercial designed to teleport the viewer into '90s after hours television," Speak said over email. "Caleb Stone supplies a saxophone driven slap to capture the sensual essence of what the SEXQUEST 3 album is all about. We wanted to created a complete and sonic world for the kids to get lost in. This is the full vision of SEXQUEST come to life."

The project will include features from Antwon, Ratking, Dream Panther, Trinidad James and The Memories (Burger Records). For now, stream the single "Cold Beer & The Shell Fish" below, and keep an eye out for Sex Quest 3 next month.