Memphis rap antichrist Gangsta Boo, formerly of Three 6 Mafia, recently sat down with No Jumper podcast host Adam22 to discuss her departure from Three 6, her love for Yelawolf and Killer Mike, her struggles as a woman for respect within hip-hop, and songwriting.

"In hip-hop in general, ghostwriting has been this huge conversation," Adam22 notes after Boo raises the subject of integrity in her musical point-of-view. "You came into the game at 14 or 15. I'm sure that motherfuckers were sitting [in the studio] helping you out with your verses."

"No, I was helping them out," Gangsta Boo explains. "We call came together as a collective and put out dope music. But as far as writing, I've never had one single member of Three 6 Mafia write me lyrics. I wrote for Crunchy [Black]. I wrote for [DJ] Paul." Notably, Boo doesn't mention writing for Juicy J while she was still in Three 6, though in 2012 she chided Juicy J for employing ghostwriters to craft some of his more recent solo records, including "Bandz A Make Her Dance."

Earlier in the interview, Boo explains that she now occasionally employs co-writers to help her craft song concepts. "Even if I hire a writer to come in the studio to help me vibe out," she says, "I still end up on my shit."

Despite earlier tension between Gangsta Boo and Juicy J a few years ago, long after Boo had left Three 6 Mafia in 2001, Boo now claims nothing but love for her former groupmates. "I'm Three 6 Mafia forever, regardless," she tells Adam22. "I'm part of a legacy that can never die."

Listen to No Jumper's full interview with Gangsta Boo below.