You can learn a lot of intimate details about rappers from the things they say on wax. Stuff like their political views, health issues they face, and factors that influenced their upbringing. Or, whether or not they like onions on their Portobello Mushroom Burger from Jack in the Box.

It’s true—many rappers love to spill their guts about the meals they eat, whether it’s a five-course feast from an executive chef, or a home-cooked fishplate from their favorite auntie’s house. Some rappers even pen whole songs paying homage to their favorite eatery or mouth-watering dish. We’re all trying to eat, both literally and figuratively, but who knew so many rappers were foodies? While not everyone is as eloquent with the cuisine 16s as Action Bronson, food raps almost always hit the spot when they are delivered on time, if for nothing else than the humor they normally supply. 

They also say something about the MC’s taste. While the ashy to classy dynamic often transfers to the palate, some rappers can’t help but keep it street when it comes to their favorite eats.

Forget food for thought. These are thoughts for food.