Big Sean's Dark Sky Paradise was well-received on release, but the initial gleam seems to have dulled. After the success of the therapeutic "IDFWU," the album ended up being a dour, serious affair, tough on replay value—with one major exception, now finally getting the push it deserves. "Play No Games" samples Guy's 1988 record "Piece of My Love," and, as its Martin-homage video suggests, it's a lighthearted, mischievous party record. The classic soul sample doesn't pluck the heartstrings, but adds to the song's sense of whimsy. The song is helped by Ty Dolla $ign, whose presence in the background suggests he may have had some involvement as a songwriter, alongside producers Key Wane and Jay John Henry—it bears his stamp as readily as last year's equally playful Lupe Fiasco rehab, "Next 2 It." The irony of the song's chorus—"I want you to take me serious"—is that Sean's at his best when he's not being that serious at all. The only downside? It's not as good as Trick Daddy's record of the same name (but what is?).