Narcotics addiction is an ugly, smelly, nauseous, anti-glamorous way to live, but Scott Storch made cocaine look hilarious. While he may be credited (and uncredited) for several of the biggest, definitive rap and R&B hits of the '00s, Scott Storch's hip-hop infamy peaked with news reports that in the summer of 2006, he had spent $30 million of his fortune on a personal cocaine stash that lasted him six months. At the peak of his turmoil, Storch was fortified in a $10 million Palm Island mansion, dropping additional millions on gifts for Lil' Kim, Paris Hilton, and business partner Charli Baltimore.

Storch's manager, Derek Jackson, would later tell XXL, "I couldn't get him to focus. All he was concerned about was Paris Hilton and this socialite life."

Per XXL's post-coke profile of the man himself, this madness culminated with Storch inviting Questlove to dinner with O.J. Simpson, who proposed that the Roots and other prominent members of the hip-hop community should record a song to defend O.J.'s innocence and honor, a la Bob Dylan's folk tribute to the late Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. Questlove declined.

During Storch's fantastic binge, the quality of his production slipped, though he was hardly at rest. "We used to work 20-hour days," said Storch's studio engineer, Wayne Allison, who spoke to XXL with a weed-blowing Storch by his side. "I used to say, 'I'm not doing all those drugs. I can't work this long'." After completing his in-patient treatment in April 2009, Storch had returned to the studio on a strict three-beats-per-day regimen.

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