Today, Pittsburgh hip-hop duo The Come Up drop their Visions From The Pacific EP featuring Nacho Picasso, Warm Brew, and production from Eric G., Like of Pac Div, and more. The duo is signed to REMember Music, owned by Mac Miller and his crew, who signed a deal with Warner Bros. last year.

Visions From The Pacific, a nine-track project, serves as an ode to the music the duo—Franchise and Vinny Radio​—grew up listening to. "It’s to show love to some of the artists [we heard] growing up — we grew up [on] West Coast music. We just wanted to put our take on it," Vinny Radio told The Pittsburgh City Paper.

"We got so much music in the stash," Franchise told The Pittsburgh City Paper. "Most of these songs are like two-to-three-years old, so we wanted to put something together that was a little bit different than what the [next] album will sound like."

You can stream the project in full below, and stay tuned for more new music from Remember Music.

1. Not To Mention ft. Nacho Picasso (prod. Eric G)
2. Music for the Function (prod. Polyester the Saint)
3. $chemin (prod. Like of Pac Div)
4. Focused (prod. Slo-Mo)
5. RHYTHM (prod. Slo-Mo)
6. Champ (prod. Like of Pac Div)
7. Cuttin Up ft. Warm Brew (prod. Zaire of Sole Vibe)
8. Feeling the Vibe (prod. Zaire of Sole Vibe)
9. Sun Beams (prod. Polyester the Saint)