Earlier this month, we shared the pop wonder of Allison Taylor's "Bells" handpicked by music supervisor Scott Vener for the Emily Ratajowski scene of every Entourage​'s fantasy. Produced by Felix Snow, "Bells" finds its sweet spot in a place between Banks and Jessie Ware where cool-whipped falsetto and deep grooving hooks reign supreme. Today, we premiere the song's video featuring Allison entangled in a different kind of chase (no Vince) as Allison flees her boyfriend-filled apartment for the mind-numbing lights of downtown Los Angeles.

"Felix and i started working on this uptempo 80's vibe that I was loving, but everything I was writing in that moment was kind of dark. I tend to gravitate towards that aspect of music. The juxtaposition of light and darkness," Allison explained. "Every time I listened to the song, I kept envisioning lots of neon lights, dancing in the streets and sort of saying fuck all the stress. Regardless of whatever I’m dealing with, I try to see the glass half full and this video sort of epitomizes that. It was important to me to keep it low key and true to who I am everyday. I ended up reaching out to my friend Carlos Nunez to direct it. He’s got a rad aesthetic and an amazing team so he & I came up with this concept and shot in downtown LA. I used to live down there while I was studying at USC...it was kind of a trip to revisit the area years later under these circumstances."

Watch our exclusive premiere of the video for "Bells" above and pick it up out on iTunes now. You can hear "Bells" in the Entourage movie and soundtrack out now on iTunes. Look for Allison Taylor's EP coming later this summer.