Wet's self-titled debut EP out last year left everyone soaking in their brand of poignant pop with songs like "Don't Wanna Be Your Girl" and "No Lie" taking us to our emotional deep-end. Since then, we have been left waiting with bated breath for the band’s full album. With the first taste arriving this April as "Deadwater," the internet was quickly reminded of their minimalist for maximum power approach as the song quickly washed over the internet about a relationship reaching it's end, submerging us deeper into their heated pool of pop.

Today we have the exclusive premiere of Night Slugs producer and Kelela collaborator Jam City's remix of the track. Hastening the pace, a swift kick of synths quickly alternates with slow-motion waves as singer Kelly Zutrau’s vocals are time-warped into an upstream flow of disarmingly woozy electronics that ebb and flow before knocking you dead in the water and leaving you to float for a while. 

Get wet and dip into our exclusive premiere of Jam City's "Deadwater" remix below and look for their Don't You album via Columbia Records sometime soon.