Welp, they got me. I'm not even into streaming as much as the Cool Teens™ are these days, so Jay Z Standom notwithstanding, I can give a damn about $20 lossless hi-fi or whatever. But, here I am, about to sign up for Tidal as soon as I publish this. Because a Jay Z, excuse me, Jaÿ-Z B-Sides concert?! Oh my goodness, word to Boogie, that's what fans have been asking for ever since Hova became the rap game Billy Joel and began putting on the same (albeit well-executed) show of hits year after year with special guests for added flavor. Sure, the Tidal catch is a big caveat, regrettable in its blatant two-birds-with-one-stone ploy. Still, it's the show fans have pleaded for, we just all know why it's finally happening now.

No matter, though, as long as the show itself is worth it. This can't be some half-assed joint for people who couldn't name a Jay song pre-"Empire State of Mind," like Miley. This has to be a real return to form for the Day Ones. Pain in da Ass has to intro him in. Maybe a few throwback alphets adorned. And of course, the B-sides themselves have to be well-curated. To be clear: this is not a list of Jay-Z deep cuts, nor unreleased songs. We've done that before. This is a list of Jay Z classics that otherwise, these days at least, get no setlist love. I'm trusting you, Jigga. Forget about the Tidal of it all and deliver the concert we've been asking for.