After defending Tidal on Twitter over the weekend and assuring everyone things are fine, Jay Z is now ready to turn up the heat on the competition, as he just announced that he's doing an exclusive B-Side concert in NYC. Tickets for the show, which is one die hard Jay Z fans have been begging for for years, will be given away through an online contest on Tidal, thus making this the most exclusive Tidal experience to this point. Full rules and details for the contest, which Tidal users can enter here, can be found below.

UDPATE 5/8/15: Jay Z just announced that he's pushing back the concert from May 13 to May 16 and is adding a second show on May 17 because of the high demand.

As for the use of the hyphen and an umlaut in the spelling of Hov's name for the show, a Roc Nation rep told Fader that it is simply a throwback to the Reasonable Doubt days to promote the concert.

Just as Jay and company announced this concert however, it looks like Tidal prices rose once again, and this time by 30%. Tidal premium is now $12.99 per month, while Tidal HiFi is now $25.99 a month.

UPDATE: A Roc Nation rep clarified the price hike for the app, and said that that is due to a markup on Apple's app store. The service can still be purchased for $9.99 and $19.99 on the site here.