For those familiar with Dirty South Joe, you know that he has a keen ear for a number of different styles. The Philly-based DJ has been a champion for Philly's bass music scene for years, touching everything from the Luvstep series to the mighty Brick Bandits crew. When he knocked out DAD's 100th exclusive mix last summer, it was with word that his long-awaited DELUXXX Records imprint would be kickstarted with a ferocious EP from another Philly-based producer, GETEM, and today we finally get to experience the future of the club-rocking dance scene with The Cheat Code.

Word is that GETEM earned the nickname "The Cheat Code" for his multiple talents; he's a DJ, producer, dancer, and rapper, amongst other things. As a producer, this EP highlights just how expansive his creativity on the beats goes. We're talking material like "OBLIVION," which shows the producer executing the Philly club sound mixed with more spastic, mind-blowing synths, which slides into more turnt up numbers like "GANJA GANJA," which is so bouncy and laidback that it's hard to believe they were made by the same person. The EP's closer, "BIPOLAR," is another hybrid sound, where more main stage-ready melodies clash over club tempos at one moment, then more trap-y elements the next.

The Cheat Code is a strong look at what happens when a scene that's influenced by a number of different elements commingle and create exciting new vibes. The EP is available today, and points to a bright future for Joe's forward-thinking imprint.