In the life of Kanye West, awards shows beget apologies. Taylor Swift after the VMAs in 2009. Beck after the Grammys last month. Somehow, despite his better judgment, Kanye has turned competitive insult into an art that rivals his music. Of course, he's never hesitated to offend random celebrities in his music, too. Most recently, Kanye spit a gratuitous, unexpected diss at dramatic actor Dennis Haysbert on "All Day," Kanye's latest single.

While it's touching to see Kanye recently reconcile with T-Swift, Beck, and even Bruno Mars, Kanye's career hitlist is overwhelmingly staked with folks who maybe he shouldn't have blacked out on or hit with a stray. There's still time for him to make graceful amends, however. As a new, graceful, media-trained Kanye makes the rounds to promote his new album, So Help Me God, here are 10 Other People Kanye West Should Apologize to in 2015. New year, new you.