Let's face it: most of us tune in to the Super Bowl to watch the commercials and this year was no exception, although there were a few too many depressing ones. But Mike Jones swerved funny and skipped right to ridiculous when he joined Columbus, GA lawyer Mark Jones in a cheesy small town advertisement that aired during Sunday night's celebrations. 

Maybe it was Mark's halfway believable mean mug or the intro that Mike spit for the commercial in his signature tinted shades. Or perhaps it was when they both started chanting, “Who?” “Mark Jones," to hype his lawfirm. According to his website, “Lawyer Mark Jones has been a fan of Mike Jones and his work and is very excited to be working with Mike Jones for the Super Bowl.”

Mark Jones was determined to link up with the rapper to represent. “Since opening his own law firm last year, Mark Jones has wanted to reach out to Mike Jones to do something BIG in Columbus, Georgia with Mike Jones,” Jones says. If you missed the Jones’ television debut you can check it out below.