Earl Sweatshirt's been somewhat elusive over the past year, with no word yet on a follow-up to 2013's Doris. It's cool, he seems like he's been doing his own thing: lately he's been releasing more collabs than solo material, with his track with skateboarder Na'Kel as Hog Slaughter Boyz, and "Knucklehead" with Lil Herb. "Quest/Power" is his first solo track in a while, and with its subtle, old-school beat from Samiyam and Budgie, he sounds more mature than ever. (Oh, and the artwork comes from 1984 campy horror film Toxic Avenger, the hero of which is a janitor that becomes a super-powered monster when he falls into a vat of toxic waste.) Ideal Sunday afternoon music: stream "Quest/Power" below.

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