This short film, entitled Motorcycle Jesus, finds Boots in the middle of the desert. It's an extended, 30-minute music video starring his beaten up face after a run-in with some motorcyclists. The film is meant to precede the release of his full length album. A self-taught musician, Boots' rose to fame after being picked up to write some of the songs on Beyoncé's self-titled album. Since then, he has begun to make himself known as a solo artist. 

He comes with high praise from rapper and producer El-P, who mentions that Boots is the only person he knows who is as comfortable making a rock song as an R&B song (according to this New York Times profile). El also says he scored some of the film. "I've had the pictures for this film in my head for most of my life," Boots told Complex over email. "It's a hypothetical answer to the question, 'Where is this all headed?' It's the idea that once everything and everyone is gone, what could push a person to instinctually survive and what could push them to spiritually give up. That's what it means to me." Some of the film was improvised, so perhaps we watch as he explores these questions on camera.

Much remains to be seen for the still mysterious musician and director, born Jordan Asher. For now, follow him through the desert, and get familiar with the Boots' songs within.