After premiering his version of "FUCKEMx3" featuring Migos on Complex a few months back, OG Maco returns to the abrasive smash from his self-titled EP. Directed by KeeMotion Films, the video for "FUCKEMx3" lives up to his all-caps namesake. Surrounded by fans, his crew, and general individuals full of angst, a blonde-haired OG Maco performs "FUCKEMx3" directly into the camera, letting his following go wild in the background.

His crowd waves side to side, throwing up middle fingers and fists while religiously chanting, "fuck em, fuck em, fuck em," on Maco's command. “Fuck em, fuck em, fuck em, I ain’t do it by myself," Maco raps in the video, before pointing to the mass of people who showed up super turnt for the shoot. Watch the video above to feel the power that "FUCKEMx3" has over people in a large space.