Five years ago, MTV aired Nicki Minaj's "My Time Now" documentary, a behind-the-scenes look at the star's rise to the top, just weeks before the release of her debut album, Pink Friday. Last summer, the camera crew linked up with Minaj again for the second in what's been teased as a three-part series, for "My Time AGAIN."

The 40-minute doc kicks things off on the day that Minaj released her "Anaconda" video, and the pressures that went into rehearsing for the MTV Video Music Awards. Set to perform "Anaconda" as well as her guest verse on Jessie J's "Bang Bang," Minaj ran into her fair share of drama (Snake bites, wardrobe malfunctions and more). After the VMAs, Minaj headed back to Jamaica, Queens where she met with her close friends and extended family. 

The original doc brought fans Minaj's infamous "Pickle juice" quote and this time around, she went in on the rap industry at large. “Most people don’t rap anymore; most people ain’t even trying to spit, they getting by being fraudulent,” she says. “Everybody is getting by not pushing their pen. Do you know how many times I think to myself, 'why did I just rewrite this verse when everything on the radio is a bunch of wack verses?'”

Throughout the entire doc, it's clear Minaj struggles with balancing fame and her family, which is something she touched on during our December/January 2015 cover story, as well. "What is this all for if this for if I am not with the people that I care about the most?," she says. Watch the full documentary above, courtesy of MTV.