Let's start off with the good news: Prince Jackson, Michael Jackson's 17-year-old son, is reportedly making music with Justin Bieber. The two are working on a "major recording album," according to Page Six. If Prince has even a fraction of his dad's talent, the project could be amazing. 

Now for the bad: Prince Jackson is hanging out with Justin Bieber, who made more headlines in 2014 for getting into trouble than putting out music. Even worse is that the two are looking at Floyd Mayweather Jr. as a role model. Mayweather Jr. has specifically given Prince advice about women, Page Six says. How his history of domestic violence has factored into that advice is unclear. 

Seventeen is an impressionable age, and it's hard to make an argument for either Mayweather Jr. or Bieber as great influences. Factor in Prince's $66,000 monthly allowance, losing his father at a young age, and a grandmother that "doesn’t say much about Prince’s lifestyle," and you don't have a recipe for smart decisions. He's already been hitting Hollywood clubs and disregarding his guardians since he started hanging out with Bieber, according to Page Six.

Some great music could come out of this arrangement, but at what cost?

[via Page Six]