What's the best way to not miss a crucial court date? Always keep the time on you. Flavor Flav showed up to Nassau County Courthouse on Wednesday wearing his signature big-ass clock chain, or "timepiece." There was no word on whether he was on-time for his hearing, but he came to court with as much joy as a rapper can in a courthouse.

"I don't like the circumstances, but I like the attention," he told surrounding reporters.

As for those circumstances: Flav was there to plead not guilty to charges coming from a New York traffic stop while he was on his way to his mother's funeral. Last month, he was indicted on a felony charge of driving with a suspended license. Among the charges are also a speeding violation, and two misdemeanors for driving without a license. Prosecutors say he had his license suspended 15 times before the latest incident. He wouldn't discuss the allegations to reporters, but his attorney had been working on a plea for some time. Flav faces a maximum of four years in prison for the charges.

At the end of his hearing, Flavor was released without bail, and has another court date on February 3. Maybe he'll pull out a tophat for his next trip to Nassau Country Courthouse. 

Watch below as Flav cautiously puts his timepiece through the x-ray machine and retrieves it like it's a totally normal piece of jewelry:


[via NY Daily News]