Last February, we got put on to the music of Diode Milliampere,a producer who was making all kinds of tracks using an MS-DOS sequencer. We guess the immediate joke would be "what, does he drop his albums on a floppy disk, too?" The punchline is a simple "yes." Psychic Pizza Connection, which hit Milliampere's Bandcamp page a few days before Christmas, is a seven-track, 25+ minute journey that is, in total, less that 84KB of data—it's released as modules, which we imagine people could load into Adlib Tracker II and recreate.

While we're not sure how many of you androids out there have laptops or desktops with a 3.5" floppy disk, those who do will love the actual disk, with its full-color printed label, and the laser-cut pizza box that it's delivered in. Milliampere went to a lot of trouble for these boxes as well; each features a stamp of the original artwork from David Beltran. And the music? Diode Milliampere has a way with this dated technology, crafting some beautiful melodies and tracks. "Cat People" might be one of the more accessible cuts from the album, kicking off with a few bass notes that feel straight out of Stonebridge's mix of "Show Me Love."

Stream the full project below, and if you're trying to own this floppy disk in a tiny pizza box, get your order on today.