Notable production credits: Cozz “Dreams” and “Ya Know It”​
From: L.A.
Twitter: @MeezTC

J. Cole’s Dreamville Records had a banner 2014 amid something of an off year for mainstream and mainstream adjacent rap, from Cole’s own gold-selling 2014 Forest Hills Drive through quality releases from Dreamville soldiers Bas and Cozz. Early in the year South Central L.A. spitter Cozz’s heady, bleak “Dreams” won him an audience with J. Cole and a record deal pretty much out of the gate, and hearing the remainder of the album, it’s not hard to understand what Cole saw. The meat of Cozz’s debut, Cozz n Effect, is the chemistry between Cozz and producer and friend Meez, who blesses “Dreams” and a few others with heavy, mournful sounds that bathe the rapper’s hard luck narratives in melodies without detracting from the seriousness and urgency of the storytelling. Good haul for a kid who wasn’t really rapping even this time two years ago.