Trey Songz continues the promotion for his most recent album, Trigga, with his brand new, interactive video for "Touchin, Lovin" featuring Nicki Minaj. In the Jason Zada-directed video, viewers get the opportunity to take over Trey's fantasies while selecting different objects throughout the scenes that then determine what happens next in the video. Per usual in 2014, Nicki then shows up in the clip to steal the show, as she sits on her throne while getting cozy with Trey.

This isn't the first interactive video we have seen in hip-hop or R&B this year, as Wiz Khalifa made an interactive video for "Staying Out All Night" that let viewers determine what happened next during Wiz's crazy night. As for Trey, he is about to embark on the "Between the Sheets" tour with Chris Brown and Tyga that is set to kick off next month. Take control of Trey's video above, or do so on the brand new app dedicated to the experience, which you can download onto your phone here.