Boy do we love that middle ground between the drum & bass and footwork sounds. When you hit that 160BPM range, things start to change; grooves get iller, and bass gets sinister. Om Unit is a prime example of how that vibe can work, and on Monday his Cosmic Bridge imprint will be releasing a four-tracker from Boston's Graphs, Posthuman. The EP focuses on technology allowing people to be "more than who we are," but using that power for shallow gain, and over the course of its journey, you get that cold, depressed feel that many who spend too much time on the Internets (social media specifically) can experience. Today, while not an EP track, we do have a freebie from Graphs and Tone Ra entitled "Chopper" that should provide you a proper basis for what you'll expect on Posthuman. For those who have followed the juke scene, and loved when an amen break or a techstep-style bassline would be injected, you're ready for "Chopper." If you love TEKLIFE but want to get a little more scifi with your footwork turn up, "Chopper" will satisfy.