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One crew I'm definitely excited to hear more music from is Future Brown, aka the awesome collective of Fatima Al Qadiri, Nguzunguzu, and J-Cush. Their self-titled debut album is set to drop on February 24 on Warp, and is set to cover a number of sounds, from UK grime and dancehall to more subversive rap vibes like "Talkin Bandz," which dropped earlier this week. Shawnna (who many of you remember as being the first woman of Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace crew) sounds great over this track, and we're waiting to hear what this foursome did with the likes of Tink, Riko Dan, and Kelela, among the other vocalists on the project.

Future Brown Tracklist:

1. Room 302 feat. Tink
2. Talkin Bandz feat. Shawnna and DJ Victoriouz
3. Big Homie feat. Sicko Mobb
4. No Apology feat. Timberlee
5. Vernáculo feat. Maluca
6. Dangerzone feat. Kelela and Ian Isiah
7. Speng feat. Riko Dan
8. Killing Time feat. Johnny May Cash YB and King Rell
9. MVP feat. 3D Na’Tee and Tim Vocals
10. Asbestos feat. Roachee, Prince Rapid and Dirty Danger
11. Wanna Party feat. Tink