After having just visited Fabric nightclub in London for the first time this weekend, the first thing I notice upon entry is not only it’s detail for music (as U.S. drum & bass producers Logam & Mayhem’s "Infinity” howled from room two while in line), but also that the staff is very professional, and very strict on drug use (a point which Fabric reiterated in a recent statement on their situation), like that of an airport security team. Now recent legislation proposed today is taking it one step farther by giving the Farringdon-based night club the title of becoming the "first club in London to have drug dogs regularly on patrol,” says the London Evening Standard News.

Not only will there be drug dogs on site, searching the thousands of dance music patrons nightly, there will also be ID checks and scans for every club-goer, a blatant invasion of privacy as one local man described.

The club has been a staple in worldwide electronic music and DJ culture since first opening doors 15 years ago. Recently, Fabric has been facing political pressure to not be allowed to renew its license this year, effectively forcing management to close it’s doors.

The club will remain open but with contingency of improved security, drug dogs and ID scan.  "With two recent drug related deaths we have sought to engage to improve security and search regime to mitigate further risks” said Paddy Whur, the club’s solicitor.

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