When Mat Zo isn't producing or mixing dance music, you can find him on the Twitter tweeting about, well, everything. His last notable tirade was about ghost mixing on his Sirius XM show, but today's situation was a bit different: today, he had to investigate the theft of his car. Yes, Mat Zo's car was stolen, but he was given a pretty crazy piece of evidence: a backpack and wallet that was left behind in the vehicle.

Mat took it a step further, though, when he tweeted out the name and ID that he found in his recovered car, which lead to him tweeting at the alleged thief. Rukes even noticed that a picture of Jacob in Mat's car was posted on Jacob's Facebook page (it's currently his profile picture):

@Mat_Zo_MRSA https://t.co/fI452QWtVT

— Rukes (@rukes) November 6, 2014


While we're not sure we'd follow in Mat's footsteps, everyone can surely understand where he was coming from. Check out Mat's investigation up above.

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