Now I've never been to Burning Man, and I know most people don't ever get to go either, which is a shame because there's always incredible art installations and music to be appreciated. In the recent years though Burning Man has enjoyed a wider and far reaching profile and as a result, the artists performing have often taken the natural opportunity to share their experiences with all of their fans where they can too. Not only that, in line with the whole Burning Man vibe, there are experiences like the one Above & Beyond created this past year with Elena Brower and Robot Heart in which the trio uniquely soundtracked a yoga session with beautiful ambient vibes.  Now we unfortunately can't go back and time and make sure we were there, but now at least we can all grab that set and do yoga ourselves and imagine we were there, right?

"When we were invited to work with Elena Brower to create a unique sunset Yoga Session for Robot Heart at Burning Man, we realised this was actually something we'd wanted do for a long time. We’re all fans of deep, ambient music and make some of it ourselves, but we hadn’t really been playing music like that together in public.  Test driven in hotel rooms by Paavo, this short yoga session is intended to make you feel relaxed, present and alert. Enjoy x"