Tunji Ige is showing an unbelievable amount of promise. After releasing two amazing joints in "Day2Day (Remix)" featuring Michael Christmas and iLOVEMAKONNEN and "The Ex Song," the West Chester University student/rapper premieres the song and video "Slow Dance."

Just like the song, the Glassface directed video for "Slow Dance" keeps you on the edge of your seat. Although the video may seem a little complex after the first watch (it's basically a short five-part play), Tunji Ige explained his vision to The Fader. "Take the typical formula for a rap video, and remove all the context," he wrote over e-mail. "No faces are shown, the location and time period are indistinct, only the common themes remain. The narrative of the video follows the violent aftermath as a gang member leaves his gang upon discovering a mystical liquid that promises invincibility."

"Slow Dance" is off of Tunji Ige's upcoming full-legnth, The Love Project, which hopefully drops ASAP.