Chicago's own Spenzo is gearing up to release his project, Ahead of My Time, in the coming weeks, and today, he decides to unleash his latest single, "I'm So Sorry," featuring Young Thug. Thugga is on the hook of the Honorable C-Note-produced record, laying down some catchy lines to kick off the track, clearly spitting, "Getting money is a hobby, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry."

Thugger paves the way for Spenzo to get off his confident raps, taking advantage of his usual sharp flow, while spitting standout lines like, "I'm so sorry that I'm worth a Bugatti, in a brand new Ferrari at the same damn time, I'm so sorry that your girl ain't pick up, she was to busy trying to bang on my line."

Listen to the new single below, and purchase it on iTunes here.

UPDATE: Listen to the new, alternate version of the song, which now features Meek Mill and Maine Man.