Something about the tracks RL Grime's released so far for Void has me open. "Core" was an epic jam that we expected from the trap maestro, while the How To Dress Well-featured "Reminder" was something left that was super unique. The latest single from the project is "Scylla," which threw me for a loop when it kicked off with some throwback, jungle-ish breaks in the intro. That leads into a siren that is basically letting you know that "shit is about to go down" before the shit truly goes down. Sure, it ends up being an anthemic trap tune, but RL Grime knows how to churn 'em out, and this one has some tantalizing bleeps and an obviously turnt vibe. I kind of wish that those jungle breaks were used throughout the tune, but I'm far from mad at a new RL Grime banger.

"Scylla" is available now when you pre-order Void via iTunes; perusing the tracklist lets us know that both Djemba Djemba and Boys Noize are featured on the project. Get psyched!

(This Song Is Sick)