Saturday morning is typically reserved for cereal and cartoons... well, not anymore. However, Atlanta rappe, and DJ Toomp protégé, Jonah Cruzz has his own spin on what to do Saturday mornings: think about your n*ggas, money, women and smoking. Of course, this doesn't mean you can't eat cereal and watch cartoons, too.

"Saturday Morning," which was produced by Westwood, has the quintessential​ mellow vibe to go with the track's title. Most importantly, Westwood's production allows for Jonah's southern twang to shine through. The relaxing beat and Jonah's rapid fire delivery makes "Saturday Morning" the perfect joint to wake up to if you're fighting through a hangover. 

If you like "Saturday Morning" check out Jonah's track "Cocky," produced by DJ Toomp. "Saturday Morning" is off of Jonah's upcoming mixtape, Ordinary Nigga​.