That most future of record labels, England's Donky Pitch imprint turned five years old today, and to celebrate they've put out a free compilation of some of the best tracks from their amazing catalog as well as new original tracks from a motley band of rogues: Lockah, Starfoxxx, Tokyo Hands, Slugabed, Mount Bank, VesperTown, and Ghost Mutt, whose tune we loved so much we had to feature it specifically. There's something about flipping a sample made popular by Dipset into a dizzying array of rave-ready electro madness that has us going ham. Proper pre-game tune here, trust we.

Listening to these 13 selections from their catalogue, we can't help but be struck by the soulfulness of their take on future bass sounds. This is some sexy music that they put out. We had obviously noticed it on certain individual releases, but never over the entire catalog. The other thing that one realizes sifting through these tunes is how strong their output has been and there's a pretty good chance we'll be hearing a Donky Pitch 10 compilation. Dive in, and if you're in the London area this weekend, be sure to check out Donky Pitch's birthday party, which is as free as this compilation and features Lockah, Tokyo Hands, Slugabed, and others.