The beat scene has to be one of the most flourishing and active subgenres today.  Between Flying Lotus’ new album You’re Dead!, the explosions of smaller yet fast growing collectives/labels like Soulection, Team Supreme, and Darker Than Wax, and the sheer number of quality releases and new artists, it’s without a doubt that the beat scene is enjoying some of it’s best days yet.  Of course what exactly constitutes what is and what isn’t “beats” music is always up for debate, but there’s no doubt about it when you hear it.

Belgium’s LTGL (Living The Good Life), born Ashley Morgan, has to be one of the most interesting and daring new artists we’ve come up on in a long time.  Despite having already garnered support of scene luminaries such as Flume, Djemba Djemba, and Scratch DVA, LTGL seems to still be a bit of a sleeper pick for big success in the States. We don’t buy that; we think this guy is making some crazy inventive and original stuff in the vein of artists mentioned before and others, including EPROM. To solidify our support for LTGL, we had to get a mix from the dude himself and introduce you.  In this mix you’ll find unreleased LTGL material, heaters from the likes of Hudson Mohawke, SOPHIE, Lunice, Rustie, Arca, and Mr. Carmack all threaded through LTGL’s lens. This is the kind of mix you might put on, lie down on the floor, put on your headphones and do a brain dance.  Yes some of these tunes are made for a whole sound system, but trust that this mix is going to be a lot to handle so you need to be comfortable. That’s what LTGL would want anyway, right? He is Living The Good Life, after all...

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LTGL - unreleased chris brown bootleg
P. Morris - Mood Swing
Heat Flare - Ascension of The Mind
LTGL - Synchronized, not talking
Photay - No Sass
Ape Escape 3 OST - TV Station
Hudson Mohawke - Trykk
LTGL - Defense Mechanism
GFOTY - My Song
Faisal - fapfapfap
Lone - Wonderment Montage
Lunice - Glow
Sophie - Hard
Center your love (Dj paypal remix)
Jay-Way - Cool Kid
Hot - Rosco P.
Kanto - Cruisin
One thing (Maxo mashup)
SolomonDaGod - Purple Saki
Jay z - Show me what you got
Rustie - Ice Tunnels
Rawdee - Phase Two
LTGL - Catharsis
Easyfun - Sondico
Urbindex - Broats Remix
Mr Carmack - Rocket
CANTINA - Linbaba
Skepp & Hawk - Terror Horn
Arca - Obelisk
Oriol - Fantasy for N
CHON - Breathe
Mr Carmack ft Jacuzzi - Trigger