If you’re really in these Internets, then there’s no way you should be unaware of Yung Lean and the Sadboys.  The Swedish rapper and his crew have been making waves in the last year with their specific style and aesthetic earning them a worldwide fan base.  Now while there are a number of different parts to the crew that make it work, beyond front man Yung Lean, the next most important is Yung Gud.  Gud has primarily been known thus far as Yung Lean’s producer but he’s not JUST that.  The Swedish producer has also been putting out his own solo material and remix material on the low.  There’s no reason this should be on the low, though, because the works are fire.  The latest is a take on song of the summer, Tinashe’s “2 On.”  Now I don’t know what to say this is except that it’s got really interesting drum work and that Tinashe’s vocals work perfectly with the new spacey and dreamy instrumental.