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Everyone and their mum is already intimately acquainted with The Streets' landmark single, "Has It Come To This"so it really doesn't need much introduction. Similarly, Flava D has already carved out a pretty hefty reputation for herself as one of the leading lights of grime and garage in the UK. So news that the latter has remixed the former should be the perfect antidote to the fact that it isn't Friday and that you're most likely at work and not drunk in a club at 2am.

It's hardly the most left-field reworking but sometimes all you want is a frenetic 2-step shuffle to keep you moving. Flava D strips away a lot of the original track, leaving just the looped melody and the immediately recognisable "Oh" sound from the vocals. True to her form, the leading lady of Butterz Records' approach is a no-nonsense one: leave the vocals, loop the melody and add a snappy beat. Putting it that way seems a teensy bit dismissive but it's a ruthlessly simple approach and one that pays in dividends.